Whitley Bay A - Manager's Thoughts

July 23, 2015

Alnwick Town manager Jon Egen has given the club website his thoughts on last night's 2-1 home defeat in the friendly against Whitley Bay 'A'.

"We lined up full of confidence, but knowing that Whitley play a passing game as good as any, and with the way we working on things it would be a hard nut to crack."

"We did okay in the first half, but our movement wasn't good in their half of the pitch, and so our passing was poor and hopeful at best. We struggled to close down in wide areas due to slowness to slide, but this will take pre-season to adapt to. Even with all their possession, Lee Dundas and Ross Straughan seemed comfortable at the back."

"We talked things over and in the 2nd half Nathan Brown, Callum Donohoe and Ross Gair made debuts and only a great save from Hammond stopped a debut goal for Ross."

"We moved quicker and with more understanding, but got caught out from our goal kick, and then Kieran under hit a back pass and we were 2-0 down."

"However, we then showed good character to take the fight to them and not lie down, and Brad McClelland scored a great strikers goal after being fed from good work by Kieran Hogg, Tony Brown and Rob Baker."

"It was good to see Dale Kennedy putting himself about like he used to and will recover himself the more he plays."

"One swallow doesn't make a Summer though, and we will take this new knowledge forward into training next week."

Alnwick Town starting XI:
1. Brooks C, 2. Lowes D, 3. Baker R, 4. Brown T (c), 5. Dundas L, 6. Straughan R, 7. Riddell D, 8. Dixon J, 9. McClelland B, 10. Jackson J, 11. Willis K

Gair R, Brown N, Hogg K, Macpherson T, Egen K, Kennedy D, Donohoe C

Final Score:
Alnwick Town 1 - 2 Whitley Bay A