'Alnwick Trolls Won't Win' - Richie's Blog

September 28, 2017
'Alnwick Trolls Won't Win' - Richie's Blog

Manager Richie Mitchell has given his latest thoughts to the club website following last night's defeat at Hebburn Town.

"The ups and downs of managing Alnwick Town!"

"Let's get one thing straight. I love managing this club. Everything about this club. The Players, committee, fans and even the stress so no I won't give up."

"August and our first 7 games were very encouraging, 1 defeat in 7 and showed some great spirit and endeavour during this period. Then September came and it all went to pot despite our hard work as a group on and off the pitch."

"So what do we do now??? We do what we have to do and we stick together and work our socks off to improve. We need to realise that there is a very long way to go and nothing in this league to fear, as our recent 1-1 draw with runaway leaders Tow Law Town shows."

"For those on social media platforms who question our commitment, I question your eyesight. Yes we're on a poor run but to question the squad's commitment and indeed mine and Stu's is unforgivable. By all means question our quality at times in recent games, but balance that up over the 12 games so far."

"If only these negative twitter trolls were tweeting in August eh?! Or even spoke to my face! But we can't control a minority's bitterness towards the club, players and myself so we have to learn not to bite!"

"The huge majority of fans as always have been supportive of the lads and we all appreciate that commitment home and away."

"So before we look to October and some great games we still have one game left in the dreaded month of September as we visit my old team West Allotment Celtic, and I am looking forward to seeing a few old faces and hopefully stopping this run."

"It's a long season full of the good, the bad, and the downright ugly but we stick together through it all. 472 - KTF"


Header photo by Steve Miller